Graceland king


“Songs that Elvis Presley could have sung”

A tribute in song from a mystery celebrity


Big Jambo Studios proudly presents the first installment of the recording project “Songs that Elvis Presley could have sung”, with mystery celebrity singer “Graceland King”.

“Graceland King” – a well-known international artist who for this particular project wishes to remain unknown – has travelled across the Pond to work with Jouni Niemi in his studios near Stockholm, Sweden, and record these outstanding new songs, composed especially for him in time for the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s untimely death.

“Graceland King” has recorded these songs, he says, in order to pay tribute to “one of the greatest artists that ever lived, and one who has given me endless inspiration throughout my career. These songs are a way of thanking Elvis, and reminding his fans of his greatness and what he could have done if he had lived longer.”

Listen to Elvis come alive again in these unique, never-before-heard songs created in his true spirit.


Listen to the new songs for the king:

1. Come on and do little rockin. (2:18)


2. Graceland dream.(4:10)

3. Elvis Troubadour.(3:19)

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Favourite places:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Memphis, Tennessee.


On stage performing.


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More songs soon...


Drawing by: John West

Drawing by: John West